Online Video Consultations

The EASIEST Way To Access Physiotherapy!

With the rapidly changing healthcare landscape and the expansion of Online Consulting, it can feel a little unnerving when asked if you’d like our help and expertise via our Physio by Video sessions……..


What is it…?

Online Consultations are a way of receiving all of the benefits healthcare using technology rather than the traditional set up of sitting in the same room. It’s an umbrella term for any form of healthcare where the person receiving the care and the person giving the care are not in the same place, including our Physio by Video.


Does it work…?

The research is growing and super positive; You can be super confident our Physiotherapists can just as accurately diagnose an issue particularly with our experienced therapists, and get you back to your best and bullet-proof just like face-to-face Physio input. You’re empowered with the skills and knowledge you need to treat yourself!

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The BEST Benefits of Online Consultations:

  • Access Expert Healthcare from home during this period of uncertainty, especially if you are currently needing to isolate or quarantine
  • You get the very best of us, right in the safety of your own home or the convenience of your workplace!
  • Everything is essentially the same:
    • Expert Assessment
    • Accurate Diagnosis
    • Receive your Physio Action Plan via email
    • Home Exercises delivered to the palm of your hands via our Physitrack App for your device
  • Accessible to anyone with a phone, laptop/tablet or computer with an internet connection
  • No need to worry about:
    • Transport
    • Parking
    • Travel Times
  • Access Expert Healthcare from home during this period of uncertainty, especially if you are currently needing to isolate or quarantine

But what about the hands-on techniques…?

At Inform Physio Care we know that hands-on therapies (usually massage, dry needling, taping among others) can and does provide short-term benefits alone. What we know is that these benefits allow you to get into the work that we know helps your recovery (your home exercises via Physitrack App!). Our Physiotherapists will teach you how to use similar principles to get yourself comfortable to start the most important part of your recovery – we still get the same great outcomes, they just come in a different box!

If you haven’t got the equipment needed, just ask us about our Inform Physio Care – Care Packages!

What does it involve…?

Just like the emails you already receive to confirm your booking with us, we have set up these emails to include a unique link so that all you need to do is click on the link. Once there, click connect to the call and just like walking through the door, we’ll be there!

As long as the device you’re using (whether it be laptop, phone or tablet) has both microphone and camera enabled-we’re away! No downloads, no app needed to get started, no worries. Clinko has put in the hard yards and we choose this program because it is easy for you to access and it is secure-no one will be listening or watching in with the robust system they have designed.

We can also use PhysiApp which you may be familiar with if you’ve seen us before! We use this App so you get your individualised exercises in the palm of your hand. Exercise is not a one-size-fits-all onesie. We base our choices of our thorough subjective assessment (all those questions we ask at the start!) and physical examination findings to tailor the plan to your issues, not just a recipe. That’s why we see such great results and you can get back to what you want to do!

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