Injuries We Treat

Injuries We Can Help You Manage and our Special Interest Areas here at Inform Physio Care

Inform Physio Care’s team here in Bendigo will help you manage:

  • All Sporting Injuries – Sprains / Strains / ACL injuries
  • Spinal pain – Neck, upper and lower back including headaches
  • Shoulder pain / Injuries – Bursitis / Rotator Cuff / Tendinitis
  • Running Related Issues – Musculoskeletal Screening with Video Analysis
  • Surgical and Conservative Achilles Rupture Management
  • Strength and Conditioning / Balance and Plyometric Programs
  • Conservative ACL knee injury and post ACL knee reconstruction management through to return to sport participation
  • All Tendinitis (Tendinopathies)
  • Knee cap pain (Patello-Femoral Joint)
  • Post Orthopaedic Surgery (also pre-operative advice and conditioning)
    • Including Knee, Hip and Shoulder replacements
  • Post fracture management

We have a focus on hands-on, manual techniques if and where indicated and link these with sound advice and carefully selected exercise for you to achieve your goals. Of course, you are part of this process and if you have a favourite technique that has a proven track record with you, let us know and we will be sure to include this in your management.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is an extremely mobile and complex joint, allowing us to achieve a large range of tasks because of this property. But when the shoulder loses its ability to keep the ball centered precisely in the socket at any given point in our movement, pain can quickly ensue, limiting your ability to accomplish once simple tasks.

Some common shoulder symptoms include:

  • A stiff shoulder with or without pain
  • Discomfort with your sleeping
  • Pain with reaching and lifting and most simple tasks
  • Pain at the extremes of your range of movement
  • Aching post activity

With a multitude of possible causes and other areas of the body that can refer into and cause shoulder pain, how can you be sure which one or two are causing your pain?

Let Inform Physio Care help you make sense of all of the information available, putting your mind at ease and giving you the tools needed to stop your shoulder symptoms in its tracks.

With shoulders a special interest of Jorden’s, he has formulated a thorough shoulder assessment aiming to gather specific information relevant to your shoulder presentation to find the main underlying causes. These then become the main focus of management of your condition.

Inform Physio Care maintains a close network of specialists and can organise imaging and medical interventions if indicated as part of your overall treatment.

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Running Repairs

Running is second only to walking as the choice of recreational pursuit with an estimated 10-15% of the Australian population aged 15 years and over engaged in regular running. Chances are, most runners have had niggles or pain during their runs but when does that niggle/pain warrant attention?

  • Is that sore knee becoming more regular or increasingly noticeable?
  • Is your post-run soreness lingering longer that it usually does?
  • Is foot pain now the predominant feature of your once joyous running experience?
  • Sore hips making you think twice about your next run?

Now it warrants attention……!

The old adage of simply ‘pushing through’ ongoing discomfort is rarely best and could lead to more serious injury and prolonged time away from running if not properly addressed.

At Inform Physio Care, we employ a comprehensive running evaluation that:

  • Outlines important factors as to why your symptoms are present through a series of specific questions – training schedules, load, past injuries
  • Highlights key areas of concern via digital video analysis of your running gait (pattern)
  • Analyses flexibility, muscle strength and balance/control through a run-specific musculoskeletal screen

Using your evaluation results, we marry a targeted strength/flexibility program with specific manual therapy techniques to reduce your symptoms, allowing a faster return to your running pursuits whilst instilling preventative measures to keep you at your best.

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