Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral? 

  • For all private patients – No; simply book online or call 0428 575 229 for our friendly staff to assist you.  
  • If you are a DVA / TAC / WorkSafe / Medicare billable patient – Yes; you will need a referral from your GP in order to avoid full fee payment on the day. 

What can I expect from Inform Physio Care during the first appointment? 

  • The first appointment is tailored towards finding your major contributing factors to your condition and does include an initial start on treatment.  
  • During your assessment, we ask you specific questions to start the diagnosis process and always ask what your intended aims/goals as this helps shape your management plan to better suit your needs.  
  • We give you our IAP (Initial Assessment Plan) to take with you following the initial session to help give you a full understanding of your condition and steps needed to get resolution of your symptoms, including follow up appointments and home management.  

What happens during follow-up sessions with Inform Physio Care? 

  • Accurate advice, expert hands-on skills where indicated and the precise exercises needed to not only improve your symptoms, but keep you there! 
  • We build on each session with different treatment tools and small upgrades to your exercise program and adjust your outlook depending upon your rate of improvement.  
  • At a chosen period in time, we will reassess your journey so far, showing how your symptoms have changed and hopefully, change the goal posts for you! 

What should I wear to my appointments?  

  • Depending on the area of concern, we will request removal of necessary items of clothing and we will respect your privacy in doing so, as this is very important to us.  
  • TIPS: Shorts are a great choice when assessing leg injuries, as too are singlets for upper limb and neck complaints. 

How do I find what services are offered by Inform Physio Care? 

  • Please click on the link above to see a thorough list of our services. 
  • We cater to a large range of patient populations and conditions so please call us if you are unsure and we will be happy to accommodate if we can.  

What techniques do you use during my ‘in-rooms‘ sessions? 

  • We use a large range of soft tissue techniques and are proficient in dry needling skills. 
  • Leave in needles, cupping and scraping tools will be selected according to your needs and are all part of these sessions.  
  • Have you got a specific request that has worked for you in the past? Be sure to ask as we are happy to accommodate. 

Can I claim my private health insurance on the day? 

  • Yes! We have HICAPS available to make all claims at the time of your appointment, leaving you with a simple gap payment to attend to.  

Do I need to bring scans or medical imaging? 

  • We have access to most imaging results from imaging centers in Bendigo and surrounds. 
  • If you are unsure, please call in advance of your appointment so we can answer this query for you. 


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